WHEREAS, Article II, Section 27 of the Constitution provides that the State  shall maintain honesty and integrity in the public service and shall take positive and effective measures against graft and corruption;

WHEREAS, Republic Act (RA) No. 9485, otherwise known as the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007, provides that the State shall take appropriate measures to promote transparency in each agency with regard to the manner of transacting with the public, with the objective of reducing red tape and expediting transactions in government;

WHEREAS, Administrative Order (AO) No. 241 (s. 2008), enjoined all agencies to establish a public hotline to effectively receive feedback and monitor customer satisfaction in conformity with RA No. 9485;

WHEREAS, Section 2 of AO 241 mandated agencies to interconnect their current and future public assistance systems with the government-wide citizen’s helpline once the same is established;

WHEREAS, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) collaborated with  the National Computer Center (NCC) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to establish the Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB) Project, to serve as a public feedback mechanism for the Government to link the public and certain frontline agencies;

WHEREAS, there is a need to institutionalize a public complaints hotline involving all agencies of the government, and build on existing public feedback mechanisms for the realization of the Government’s policy to eradicate red tape and corruption;

WHEREAS, Executive Order No. 1 dated 30 June 2016 placed certain agencies under the supervision of the Office of the Cabinet Secretary (OCS) to develop programs and projects that promote social education to enable people’s participation in effecting real change  by keeping watch of the affairs of the government, and listen to people’s feedback;

WHEREAS, Article VII, Section 17 of the Constitution provides that the President shall ensure that the laws are faithfully executed;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

SECTION 1. Institutionalization of the 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Hotline. The hotline number “8888” is hereby institutionalized as the Citizens’ Complaint Hotline number.

SECTION 2. Establishment of the 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center. There is hereby established an 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center which shall serve as a mechanism where citizens may report their complaints and grievances on acts of red tape, as defined under  RA No. 9485 and other relevant laws, and/or corruption of any national government agency, government-owned or -controlled corporation (GOCC) / government financial institution (GFI), and other instrumentalities of the government.

SECTION 3. Lead Agency. The 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center shall be under the direction and supervision of the OCS.

SECTION 4. Collaboration with Government Agencies and Integration of Existing Public Feedback Mechanisms. The OCS, in coordination with the Office  of  the  Special Assistant to the President (OSAP), is hereby directed to collaborate with other government agencies, in the operation of the 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center, and enter into such arrangements necessary for the possible interconnection and integration of existing public feedback mechanisms, such as the CCB Project of the CSC.

Concerned government agencies and offices shall designate their respective focal and technical officers who shall assist the OCS in its collaboration efforts, and interconnection and integration of public feedback mechanisms.

SECTION 5. Minimum Operating Standards. The  8888  Citizens’  Complaint  Center shall have the following minimum operating standards:

a.  Communication Channels. In addition to the “8888″ telephone hotline, the  8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center shall provide other communication channels which may include:

  • Short message service (SMS)/Text access;
  • Electronic mail (E-mail);
  • Website/Webpage; and
  • Social media, as well as any other emerging communication medium;

b. Operating floors. The 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center shall operate, through any of its communication channels, twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, from Mondays to Sundays, excluding national holidays and work suspensions. As far as practicable, live agents shall respond to calls made through the telephone hotline facility;

c. Process Flow. A citizen’s concern received through any of the communication channels shall immediately be referred, directly or indirectly, to the concerned government agency, office or instrumentality for appropriate action. As much as the circumstances permit, the complainant shall be given advice or feedback on the status of the concern until its resolution; and

c. Period to Take Action. A citizen’s concern lodged through any of the communication channels shall have a concrete and specific action within seventy-two (72) hours  from receipt of the concern  by the  proper government  agency or

SECTION 6. Cooperation of Other Government Agencies. To ensure that the general public is served efficiently and expeditiously, all national government agencies, GOCCs/GFIs, and other instrumentalities of the government are enjoined to cooperate with the OCS to ensure prompt action on the public’s concerns received through the 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center.

SECTION 7. Funding. The initial funding requirements for the implementation of the 8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center  shall  be determined by the Department of Budget  and Management , subject  to compliance  with applicable  laws , rules and regulations . Appropriations for the e succeeding  year’s shall  be incorporated in  the  budget proposals of the  OCS and other concerned  government agencies, offices and instrumentalities.

SECTION 8. Implementing Rules and Operational Guidelines. The e OCS , with the assistance  of the  OSAP and other  concerned  government  agencies , offices , and instrumentalities, shall  formulate  and issue  rules and operational  guidelines for the  implementation  of this  Order .

SECTION 9. Reports. The OC S shall  submit, within  six  (6) months from the  effectivity  of this  Order, a report  to the  President on the  implementation  hereof. Thereafter , the e OCS shall  submit  quarterly  reports to the  President , through  the  OSAP , on the  activities  and accomplishments of the  8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center.

SECTION 10. Administrative Sanctions. Without t prejudice  to the  appropriate  criminal  liability , failure  on the  part of a government  agency  or employee  to timely  respond  to the  public’s concern  received through the  8888 Citizens’ Complaint Center , or any other violation  of the  provisions of this  Order, shall  be a ground  for  administrative  sanctions under existing  laws and regulations .

SECTION 11. Reparability. If an y provision  of this  Executive  Order  is declared invalid  or unconstitutional , the other  provisions not affected  thereby  shall  remain  valid  and subsisting .

SECTION 12. Repeal. Al l issuances , orders , rules and regulations or parts thereof which  are inconsistent with the  provision  of this  Executive  Order  are  hereby  repealed  or modified  accordingly

SECTION 13. Effectivity. This Executive Order shall take effect upon publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

DONE, in the City of Manila, this 14th day of October in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Sixteen.