Libya died with Gaddafi. The people of Libya have never been worse off.



“I joined the revolution in the first days and fought against Gaddafi. Before 2011, I hated Gaddafi more than anyone. But now, life is much, much harder, and I have become his biggest fan.” The country has seen a five-fold increase in the cost of food, unpaid salaries for months, the rise of Islamic State terror and worsening electricity black-outs. Nothing improved after Gaddafi and the country sees it now. Mahmoud, another Libyan added his own words of disappointment in the bitter fruits of the revolution, “We have had seven governments since 2011 and what have they achieved?’ The only thing we can see is new dustbins because one of the early governments installed these new large bins across Tripoli. We still point to them and laugh, saying it’s the only achievement of the revolution.”


Source: ‘We Miss You Colonel Gaddafi,’ Cry the Troubled Libyans