The return of Pork Barrel

Zubiri the pork

“Parang bumabalik tayo sa PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund). Bakit mag-a-identify ng project ang mga congressmen? Sila rin mangangasiwa noon, sila nakakaalam saan i-a-allocate ang pondo, kung saang project,” Lacson told to reporters.

Ang sinasabi natin dito kung nagsubmit na sa NEP (National Expenditure Program) ng kanilang mga projects, ‘di ba napakaliwanag na conflict of interest because they will involve themselves in the authorization phase of the national budgeting process?”- Lacson.


Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, former Bukidnon representative, opposed Lacson’s view, saying lawmakers sometimes have no option left but to ask the concerned department agencies for help.

“If I push for a bigger budget for example in DSWD, for obvious reasons I was not a favored politician in the last 6 years of the Aquino administration, ‘di naman kami (we are not members of the) Liberal [Party]. The only way to really reduce poverty levels is to increase the conditional cash transfer program. This is the reality of it,” Zubiri said.

“If I approach Sec Diokno and ask Sec Diokno together with DSWD: ‘Can you double the benefits of my CCT recipients in Bukidnon so that they would be uplifted from the position in their poverty level?’ Will it be illegal?” Zubiri asked.

“If DBM and DSWD, would that be considered pork barrel? Because I have to fight, I am a senator yet my province is in the top 10 poorest. It is criminal and immoral on my part not to do anything about it,” he added.



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