NO UNION, NO BUSINESSThe New York City Council passed the Car Wash Accountability Act.

The law requires car washes in New York City to obtain licenses to do business, to obey environmental guidelines and to obtain a bond to protect workers and consumers.

Non-unionized owners are being told to obtain a $150,000 bond to cover claims and labor violations while unionized car washes are told they only need a $30,000 bond. (Source:

“The Car Wash Accountability Act is a groundbreaking example of how to use the regulatory power of cities – in tandem with worker and community organizing – to raise labor standards the low-wage industry,” said Jonathan Westin, Executive Director of New York Communities for Change. “We want to thank the leadership of the council for choosing to protect workers rather than exploitative business owners. Today is a bright new day for carwasheros in New York and for the millions of low-wage workers that they continue to inspire.”

The legislation is being sponsored by Ms. Mark-Viverito. Mayor Bill de Blasio is also supportive of the car-wash organizing efforts.