Without working folks like you and I who actually work, there is no wealth. Remember the sacrifices that working folks had to suffer for the basic right to organize and have one, unified voice. Remember their struggles against the oil barons, rail tycoons, and other oligarchs of the day who hired thugs to beat them and corrupted law enforcement to oppress them. Remember to honor the brave unionists that literally fought to end child labor, give us safety regulations, the 8-hour work day, and the Weekend.

While today’s Robber Barons like the Kochs and their Corporate minions continue to try to roll back YOUR rights to a fair shot at the American Dream, remember that this fight is not over. In fact with this ultra-conservative corporate Supreme Court we are losing badly. Private sector organized labor rates have fallen to 7%. Big businesses are increasingly abusing working folks, like you. #LaborDay isn’t just a paid day off from work, it is a living testimonial and instruction guide to how we need to continue to fight for our rights in the wake of corporate tyranny.