► If Trillanes thinks Abad faultless, he can tell it to the Marines

Trillanes at Aguinaldo ng Magdalo traydor sa bayan
Legislators acted as defense layers of Pnoy and Abad

Senator Trillanes makes a poor case for the illegalized presidential pork barrel in saying that Malacañang legal aides misread it. Budget Sec. Florencio Abad, concocter of that Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), is a lawyer. He used to be secretary of education and of agrarian reform. As five-term congressman, he once headed the select appropriations committee. He knew that in government there can be no disbursements without appropriations, no fund juggling, and no cross-branch money transfers. If ex-Navy officer Trillanes thinks Abad faultless, he can tell it to the Marines. Trillanes makes a frailer defense in saying that Abad concocted the DAP in good faith. Sure, that 2011-2012 spending was supposed to be for poverty alleviation. Yet Abad cannot show how the P142 billion (or is it P157 billion or P177 billion, as he keeps changing his figures; his latest version is P136 billion) lessened penury. Read more: http://www.philstar.com/opinion/2014/07/07/1343375/abad-gave-dap-all-except-poor-veterans The legislators are acting as defense layers of our corrupt government officials. Nothing to surprised they are corrupt, they are in their position not for the peoples sake. They never know that they should represent their constituents sentiments in government. They should voice out that the people wanted to end corruption and having a government genuinely serving the peoples’ interest. People should unite and struggle hard in establishing people government and not the government of the ELITES.###


2 thoughts on “► If Trillanes thinks Abad faultless, he can tell it to the Marines

  1. I believe in Trillanes but not in Abad. Abad should stand up and speak for himself, if he truly is faultless. He should show the people the proofs that he did it for the good of the country.

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  2. Does Trillanes think he can add to the flood of deception to change the character of DAP and the wrongdoing of Butch Abad? He should be calling on Abad to resign ASAP, and not try to shield him from the public outcry for accountability.

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