I’m surprised when i received a text message from him early in the morning of Monday. He wanted to have a talk with me, i’m so glad so I set to meet him at 10 in the morning.

I’m so glad and i appreciated much that he’s not only following my posting here, but he also read it. In a said casual discussion over a cup of coffee, he talked about his political point of view in Marikina.

He is so professional in dealing with me. I don’t feel having bars between us, while he is business minded and i considered him as in upper class in society.

He is trying to find ways how to harmonized politics and business to achieved development and generate employment. Good Governance is the key, he said with emphasis.

He discussed how to generate employment among those who are out of school  because their family has  no source of income.

I admired him much, when i knew that he helped his young kasambahay  to go to school to finish her study. Napakahirap mong matagpuan ang isang katulad niya sa mga buhangin ng mga dalampisagan- ganito ko pweding ipahayag ang kanyang kabutihang ginagawa sa kapwa.

I learned from him about the BARANGAY MICRO BUSINESS ENTERPRISES (BMBEs). He shared it to me maybe because he wants me to study the same and how it can be used in our community. In the said encounter, i can say that i acquired new learnings that i can share to others.

Lastly, he said while he can be a member of PCCI National, instead he intent to become a member of PCCI-Marikina City.

Finally, i’m so thankful that he spent his time talking with  me and shared his knowledge to me. I respect him in a highest level, for bein so professional in dealing with me. For me, he is among the very few who gain my respect. For you sir, MY RESPECT AND I SALUTE and more power…!

June 2, 2014
Marikina City

follow link: Encounter to a business minded person and advocate of good governance