Premier Barry O’Farrell has resigned after being caught out over his evidence to a corruption inquiry after a handwritten note was tendered in which he thanked the head of a company linked to the Obeid family for a $3000 bottle of Penfolds Grange Hermitage.

In a statement today, Mr O’Farrell said: “I’ve been advised overnight that this morning at ICAC a thank-you note from me in relation to the bottle of wine will be presented.

The thank you from Barry O'Farrell, acknowledging the receipt of the bottle of wine.

The thank you from Barry O’Farrell, acknowledging the receipt of the bottle of wine.

“I still can’t recall the receipt of a gift of a bottle of 1959 Grange, I can’t explain what happened to that bottle of wine.

“But I do accept that there is a thank-you note signed by me and, as someone who believes in accountability, in responsibility, I accept the consequences of my action.

“And that is that, as soon as I can organise a meeting of the parliamentary Liberal Party for next week, I will be resigning the position and enabling a new Liberal leader to be elected, someone who will then become the Premier of NSW.” Source: The Sydney Morning Herald 

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