Ang Kongresman ng Distrito Dos ng Marikina
Cong. Miro Quimbo naging tagapagsalita ng prosecutors sa impeachment trial ni SC Justice Corona.

Cong. Miro Quimbo naging laman ng mga balita at pamamahayag. Pagkatapos ng paglilitis sa SC Justice si Miro Quimbo ay hindi na napagkikita sa TV, hindi na masyadong naging laman ng mga balita.

Nakuha ang aking pansin ni Cong. Miro sa isang balita na aking nabasa tungkol sa usapin at kontrobersyal na isyu sa kuryente. Here from the news;

Removing the value-added tax on power generation and distribution could be one way to bring down electricity prices and ease the burden on consumers who, in the end up, would pay for them anyway, Marikina Rep. Romero Quimbo, chair of the House ways and means committee, said.

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Cong. Miro has no direct legislative resolution to the controversial sky-high power price. He added, according to the Solarnews Rep. Quimbo says if power generation and distribution cannot be exempted from VAT, the House Ways and Means Committee can consider a lower tax regime on the power industry, instead.

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On the other hand, Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares revealed that VAT from power generation and distribution provides the government with about P30 billion in tax revenue annually.

In other words, government will have 30 Billion pesos  losses in each year. If the said amount will used  honestly to public services it is the people who suffered for the loss in the government income.

Now, therefore the said proposal has no weight in solving the power prices.

Another news for Cong. Miro Quimbo;

A lawmaker on Wednesday filed a bill seeking to rename Commonwealth Avenue in honor of Erano G. Manalo, the late leader of the Iglesia ni Cristo.

I have nothing to say but, hayyy Diyos ko po.

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While the Honorable Congressman, have NO concrete  legislative proposal to resolve the power price. He come out and filed a bill proposing the renaming of commonwealth Avenue to another name in honor to INC.

If the Honorable Congressman has no legislative agenda to benefits his congressional district in Marikina. Why NOT think for a proposal to resolve the power price whereas the whole nation will benefited.

Lastly, honorable congressman why not leave that to the congressman from the Quezon City itself.

Politically if the congressman can make it. It is his opportunity if he is planning to run on the senate set this coming 2016 election.


This is just a plain and simple political gimmick (traditional political gimmick) of the said congressman.