President Noynoy Aquino great leader for the Oligarch

After the ST Yolanda hits Visaya’s area the national government headed by your Excellency President Aquino failed to response immediately. It was almost three days before the Government was able to give full attention to the victims of Yolanda (November 8, 2013).

Immediately after the robbery incident happened to SM North Edsa which is owned by Henry Sy one of the richest businessman in the Philippines, President Benigno Aquino III immediately came up to the scene with DILG Secretary Roxas (December 15, 2013).

Bus fell off the southbound lane of the Skyway Monday (December 16, 2013) and fallen on top of a van plying the West Service Road of the South Luzon Expressway in the area of Parañaque City. Like what we are expecting that President Aquino & DILG Secretary Roxas will also rush to see this accident, but unfortunately, the two officials failed to do so, while more or less there are 20 people died.

While at the robbery incident at SM North Edsa the two officials immediately came up to see what happen.

What is the reason behind this? Immediate action or response for the rich and slow or delayed action for the poor? Discrimination! A government of elite, for elite, and to elite. A government of the few, for the few and to the few.