Yolanda Aid Monitor

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The Foreign Aid Transparency Hub, or FAiTH, is an online portal of information on calamity aid and assistance pledged or given by countries and intergovernmental organizations, as well as donations coursed through the Commission on Filipinos Overseas’ (CFO) Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino program (LINKAPIL).

For all aid and assistance recorded in FAiTH, both financial and in-kind donations will be included. Overseas, OFW, and local donations wired directly to private groups and organizations will not be included in this portal.

The launch of FAiTH will consist of tracking foreign aid, initially for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, and subsequently, for the victims of other calamities. The details of foreign aid can be viewed individually, per donor country or organization, and can also be viewed as part of the full report.

More than just a repository of data, FAiTH is our way of expressing gratitude to all those who have reached out to the Filipino people at this tragic time—and, knowing as we do that public office is public trust, FAiTH is a reaffirmation of our administration’s commitment to true public service.