Mid-South Reacts To Possible Strike On Syria

Stop pretending world police and Peace Advocates. In fact world Terrorist in action

See Video: Mid-South Reacts To Possible Strike On Syria


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(Memphis) A handful of Memphians gathered on the corner of Poplar and Highland Saturday, protesting President Barack Obama’s desire to attack Syria.

“War is not the answer,” said protester Joseph Davis.

The President believes an assault that killed nearly 1,500 Syrians, many children,  was a chemical attack by Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad. But Davis doesn’t buy it. He thinks the US should stay out of Syria.

“We’re out here fighting for our future. My brother is in the air force. I don’t want to see him go to another pointless war,” said Davis.

U.S. Congressman, Democrat, Steve Cohen doesn’t take going to war with Syria lightly.

“I’m war weary. We spent too much money in Afghanistan and didn’t get anything out of it,” said Cohen.

Neither does U.S. Senator, Republican, Lamar Alexander who sent this statement to News Channel 3:

“I’m concerned about the consequences of a…

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