Whenever retired Philippine Marines Col. Ariel Querubin hears or sees the name or face of Janet Lim-Napoles, he recalls the distress that he says claimed his wife’s life when she could not recover money she invested in a Napoles venture.
“It was stress-related. Kung makita mo siya nung sa wake, wala ka makikita na trace na naghirap siya. Bigla lang siyang namatay,” Querubin said as he recounted for GMA News’ Kara David, the days leading to his wife Loreta’s death.
The Medal of Valor honoree said in Kara David’s report on “24 Oras” that his wife was rushed to the hospital after she visited Napoles to get her to return some money she invested. Loreta Querubin died the next day.
Napoles is accused of channeling pork barrel funds to bogus foundations for ghost projects allegedly used for kickbacks by lawmakers.
The former Janet Lim is the wife of retired Marine major Jaime Napoles. Loreta and Janet Lim-Napoles became friends in 1993, Col. Querubin said. Mrs. Napoles is a godmother or “ninang” of  one of Querubin’s children.
Querubin said Janet Lim-Napoles convinced his wife to invest in one of her ventures.
“Alam naman nating lahat na supplier siya. Meaning siguro ang tingin ko, may kontrata sila, kulang sa puhunan. Nagbigay sila ng pera. Binigay niya porsyento na 5 percent,” Querubin said in the report.
But Napoles’ checks to Mrs. Querubin bounced, the retired Marine said. The checks were supposedly for the return on investment in Napoles’ venture.
Seeking to cut her losses, Col. Querubin said his wife tried to ask Napoles to return the money she had invested. Mrs. Querubin failed in that effort.
 Coal mining in Indonesia

Napoles claims her wealth came from a coal mining business in Indonesia and that her husband manages the mining firm. [Please follow at source